⚔️What is Outlanders?

Outlanders is a Free-to-Play open-world MMORPG that utilizes WebGL elements and Unity to bring the immersive free roaming blockchain gaming experience straight from your web browser.

Built on BNB Chain, Outlanders will allow players to compete in an adventure-based gameplay environment where they can compete conquests and battle other players to tap into lucrative earning opportunities.

Players can take control of territories by constantly beating fellow competitors and monsters. Each combatant beaten provides a unique crypto asset drop.

Outlanders understands the complication that gamers across the world have in having no prior to blockchain and Web3 spectrum, jumping into a play-to-earn game that requires at least a Web3 wallet is a burden. Therefore, Outlanders has made it easy to integrate valuable in-game NFTs so players can start earning immediately then connect your wallet later to unlock the assets.

With no beginning or end, this is a new type of play-to-earn that any gamers worldwide can immerse themselves in the environment and immediately start earning by completing conquests and conquering in-game monsters.

Outlanders also allow complete customization to the characters where players can choose how their character will look. Each player will start with the same valueless items and they can build up their characters through acquiring valuable in-game items and NFTS that can later be sold to other players in the game.

Players can acquire territories by battling other players and monsters. Battle in guilds or individually, each player will have to fight for their own territories and defend them from invaders as well.

The gameplay environment integrates NFTs and valuable in-game assets that can be acquired through conquering fellow competitors and monsters. These NFTs can be freely traded in an open marketplace where players can set up their own shops and set the price freely.

Players can team up together to form guilds to hunt monsters as part of a team. They will share rewards amongst the team and battle other guilds to compete for their in-game items. They will need to keep battling to stay on the frontier of land acquisition and defending their land from other players.

Outlanders will be the first freely accessible MMORPG that is free-to-play with play-to-earn functionality added in. Conventional players can journey into the Outlanders world without any blockchain experience knowledge and take part in creating the world's first free-to-play decentralized MMORPG.

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